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Nuño is Belgian and he was tired of working in hospitality. On one of his trips abroad he discovered pizza al taglio.

He thought it was a fantastic idea to develop anywhere. He decided to leave it all and go to Rome to learn everything there was to know about pizzas and pizza dough.

There, in el Angelo e Simonetta, his dream began. He chose Madrid as his destination city to develop the project. He calls his friend Jon and invites him to come, with all his enthusiasm in tow, to start AL CUADRADO.

That's when they became partners and they're still friends.

In Madrid, Nuño lived with a friend (now business partner) in a studio apartment. When Jon arrived at the capital, the three of them shared the same space. Not a lot of extra leg room.

It was the price they have to pay for the lack of dough.

But since they were completely convinced, they survived on Elise's job while Jon and Nuño worked sun up to sun down. Working every single day and going everywhere on their trusty bikes, they opened their first place over on Calle Barco.

That was Al Cuadrado's first step towards greatness.

El Corte Inglés
Gourmet Experience
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